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Release date: Q1 2021
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Product Details:
* Ponytail high school girl head sculpture x1
* Newly developed semi-encapsulated female body x1 (including 3 opponents and 1 pair of bare feet)
* Yellow T-shirt x1
* Pink sweatpants x1 * Women's basketball x1 (new production)
* A pair of white sneakers
* A pair of white socks
* One piece of white underwear
* A pair of white underwear
* A green sports vest
* A white jersey of Genius No. 10 (specially made for body type, non-athlete version)
* Character card x1

* Nova Studio Slam Dunk Haruko Akagi

NOVA X BNN First Love Girlfriend (Sports) 1/6 Figure

Full 165/Deposit 35

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