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Release date: Q4 2020
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✓The global limited edition has an independent limited number
✓Two wax-like head sculptures and smiling face head sculptures of the ``Big Bird'' with extremely high fidelity from the 1980s
✓ For the first time in the market, create a new "Celte" home jersey tailored from the 80s
✓ For the first time, a brand-new creation of genuine leather hand-made classic "green" sneakers, with a high degree of realism and a perfect collection
✓Innovative limited edition ultimate platform
✓Master hand carved skin texture
✓ Newly developed real-life doll body, showing extremely realistic body proportions, and the quality is beyond the ordinary self-organized brand
✓The body mechanical parts are assembled by engineers, with more than ten years of data analysis, with more than 30 joint positions and more than 70 parts, carefully crafted and assembled

■ A total of 8 special hands for "Big Bird" (including 4 hands with magnets) ■ No. 33 home green jersey with shorts in the 80s X 1
■ No. 32 jersey bag for "Big Bird" X 1
■ 1:6 basketball with magnet X 1
■ 1 pair of white socks
■ Newly researched and developed all-leather hand-made green sneakers for the classic "Big Bird"
■ Newly developed blue and white sneakers for "Big Bird"
■ Newly-developed doll stand and crystal surface platform printed with an independent limited number pattern X 1

FigureCool FC-002 Larry Bird 1/6 Figure