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Batman vs. Deathstroke - who's your money on? In this action-packed Batman vs. Deathstroke Battle Resin Statue, high atop one of Gotham City's rooftops, a duel of the ages is going down between the Caped Crusader and supervillain Deathstroke. Batman defies gravity as he teeters on the edge of a gargoyle, armed with claws of batarangs, fighting to defeat Deathstroke. Sculptor Alejandro Pereira masterfully crafted these figures, and painter Michael Cowart added his artistic touch to the iconic characters to create this dynamic polyresin statue. Individually numbered, it's a limited edition of 5,000 pieces that measures roughly 11 3/4-inches tall.

DC Collectibles - Batman vs. Deathstroke Battle Resin Statue

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